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Stop the Ride, Someone Needs to Get Off

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You may remember the Wendy’s commercial from back in the 80’s when a little old lady said, “Where’s the beef?” This became a famous tag line for a while. There was also a television show with Tony Danza “Who’s the Boss”. Now we flash forward to 2013 and I propose we combine the two and create an ad line for the Federal Government to use. “Where’s the Boss”.

The genie is out of the bottle, toothpaste out of the tube, air is out of the balloon, any cliché you want to use. They administration needs to understand this. For the last few days we have had one answer after another from this government regarding the IRS scandal, Department of Justice, Health and Human Services, Benghazi and the list goes on. This Scandalpalooza is growing by the day. No legitimate answers have been given by either the White House or Attorney General Holder. The president claimed Monday that he discovered the IRS scandal from the media reports. Today AG Holder said “I run a Department of over 116.000 I can’t know everything that is done” You must be kidding. Only in Never-Never-Land could this be an acceptable answer. You just admitted that you can’t do your job. You were put in that position to do just that. Manage your dept.

Today David Axelrod made a statement that may be the most accurate thing reported yet. During and interview with MSNBC Axelrod said  “Part of being president is there is so much beneath you that you cannot know because the government is so vast,” Where in the world is that an acceptable reason for the goings on with this administration.

Who in this government is ever going to step up and take responsibility for the things that have happened? Is America so engulfed by “Dancing with the Stars” or “The Voice” or “Survivor” “The Nanny” or whatever it is that is keeping them from paying attention that they can let their government escape from accountability.

I am not going to play politics about the last election. People voted for the candidate of their choice and that is fine. That is the way the country is run. Now I put to the public WAKE UP! Your freedoms and rights are being violated by this government. I will not point the finger at the President even though I could because ultimately the buck stops with him. Lets look at the events and see who is responsible.

The IRS is running rampant with illegal seizures of more than 10 million medical records in California and is being drawn into a class action lawsuit that us taxpayers will undoubtedly have to pay for. Conservative and Tea Party groups are beginning to line up to sue the IRS if for nothing else but to recoup legal fees they incurred to fight back. Again, money us taxpayers will have to cough up. The Department of Justice is on the hot seat for two issues as well. First, they illegally obtained the records of more than 100 Associated Press reporters phone lines including their homes and cell. The Attorney General claims he recused himself but had no comment when he was asked when that was. The department’s regulations state that prosecutors should obtain the Attorney General’s personal sign off when a free press is at stake. The Attorney General reports that he did not sign off or have knowledge in this case because of the recusal. This all taking place when we still don’t have answers about Fast and Furious. Now the President wants to appoint this individual to oversee the investigation of the IRS. You have to be kidding.

The State Department still can’t come up with answers regarding the Benghazi scandal. The talking points memo that sparked the latest round of controversy along with the recent testimony of the Whistleblower to the House Oversite Committee. Still no one can offer a direct answer as to who ordered the stand down not once but twice.

The Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius is now being investigated by the House for alleged soliciting private funds to help pay for implementing Obamacare. This after Obamacare was supposed to be the program that was going to save us millions and billions of dollars every year and put the government back in the black.

The public comments of “The White House has no knowledge of this” and “The White House cannot comment on an ongoing investigation” need to stop. The President above all others, beyond politics, needs to stand up and tell it like it is. He was voted to the office to Lead the nation. So stand up and be a leader. Leadership  is what we all want and need right now. Heads need to roll and he needs to show us something to restore confidence in the public trust. Outside of politics, he needs to lead us. Hopefully it’s not off the nearest cliff.


Mainstream Media Goes Against Current

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If one thing is for certain, the events of the last week or so has the media finally engaged in peeling back the layers of the Obama Administration. What must the media do now and how can they make sure this type of thing doesn’t happen in the future.

First we should back up and look at how we got here. In all honesty the media is in part to blame for the situation. Barrack Obama was never fully vetted by this media. Outside of Fox News, no one in the media came to Obama during the campaign or the first 4 years of his  administration  to get answers to hard questions. The left leaning media sites fell in love with him the moment he turned on the  teleprompter.

Now the media is in a full boil and to quote CNN today “watching this unfold is giving me whiplash”. That is the way it needs to be. The media needs to continue to follow leads,  develop  stories and hammer the government everyday until the truth comes out. Its too bad that the media had to sit back and wait until the AP itself discovered it had been targeted for what appears to be illegal activity by the Department of Justice before they opened their eyes.

This administration has shown itself to us. Corruption has reared its head, looked us in the eye, and dared us to  challenge  it on its face value. The simple truth is this. The mainstream media has trumpeted from the hilltops for the conservatives to stop playing politics and work in a bi-partisan manner. Okay, let them show us how it is done. Will they continue to roast this administration and seek the truth we shall see.

At the end of this rainbow we need to finally see transparency. The White House needs to come clean or the media and congress need to turn up the heat. We have 4 scandals in play not 3. The 4th has been buried a bit the last few days but we have to remember the situation with the Department of Health and Human Services Secretary is on the  hot seat  so to speak as well. Literally more than one forth of the Presidents cabinet is involved in a scandal of one sort or another. We have the IRS, Department of Justice, State Department and HHS. What is needed is all the details. The story is how high up the ladder does this go. Our daily BS sessions with Jay Carney will not  glean  the details we need. The press need to wake up and stay fulled engaged and demand answers on behalf of the public. That is in fact their job.

Transparency in The White House

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The follow is a direct quote from The White House web site about how President Obama intends to govern.

“My Administration is committed to creating an unprecedented level of openness in Government.  We will work together to ensure the public trust and establish a system of transparency, public participation, and collaboration. Openness will strengthen our democracy and promote efficiency and effectiveness in Government.”

We the people have to take that at its face value considering the source. There is no higher authority in these United States than its Commander in Chief. Why then do we as Americans have so many questions about so many aspects of this government and how it is governed?

There we 8 Embassy attacks during the 8 year Bush Administration and not one of those events were questioned by Congress or its citizens. President Obama has had one Embassy attack in less than 4 years of his Presidency and it may be the most widely questioned event that takes place in the entire 8 years he is in office. The lack of transparency in events surrounding Benghazi are anything but clear and concise and are far from ensuring the public trust. In my article yesterday I covered many of the questions still surrounding Benghazi and in less than one 24 hour news cycle we now have reports of 12 different drafts of the taking points issued by the State Department with half of the original draft scrubbed of all truth. Truth then replaced with outright lies regarding the validity of the non-existent  protests over a anti  Muslim  video. As a side not the maker of that video is still be held in jail on seemingly ridiculous charges. Journalists and reporters from even Liberal leaning networks are now being targeted and  harassed  to report  negatively  on the  whistle blower  testimony. Today White House Press Secretary Jay Carney held an “off the record” press briefing on the Benghazi events. Off the record is not being transparent.

The IRS, as reported by the Associated Press, has now issued a former apology for what is described as intentional targeting of Conservatives for audits. Any group that used the words “tea party” or “patriot” in the name were selected automatically for audit. This coming out after conservatives speaking out for over a year that this was happening. Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky in a statement today addressed the White House specifically in a call for action. “Today’s acknowledgement by the Obama administration that the IRS did in fact target conservative groups in the heat of last year’s national election is not enough,” McConnell said. “I call on the White House to conduct a transparent, government-wide review aimed at assuring the American people that these thuggish practices are not under way at the IRS or elsewhere in the administration against anyone, regardless of their political views.” The IRS claims 75 conservative groups in all were targeted for review and none of them lost their tax exempt status. There are however many reports of up to 100 of such organization failing to be granted 501-c4 exempt status by the IRS. White House Press Secretary Jay Carney today stated that the IRS is an independent organization. The facts are that the IRS does have a .gov website and if it is not a government entity then why on earth is it responsible for collecting revenues for the Federal Government and secondly, why is it the entity charged with the complicated task of implementing Obamacare?

Speaking of Obamacare, this may be the most non-transparent law ever written by the Congress. So confusing in fact that many of its own  architects  have come out publicly in the past weeks that this law may be too big for the government to chew. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) famously used the words “that they had to pass it to find out what was in it”. That by its own definition is not transparent. Now we are faced with a looming vote in the House this coming week in an attempt to repeal the law. Still even after its passage, the law represents great confusion for both citizens and businesses. The law is anything but transparent and the economic impacts of it could be far reaching.

The answer is simple. The White House and President Obama need to level with the American public. On all counts. We have questions that need answered. If todays feeding frenzy at the White House press briefing are any indication of the media outlook, both Carney and Obama better run for cover. The Administration has one last chance to retain what credibility it has left. It must tell the truth about the questions at hand. If not you can bet on one thing, whether it is now or in the future when the President is judged by history it will not be favorable.

Is the GOP the Party of Old?

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Recently there has been much discussion in and around the GOP regarding the need for the party to rebrand itself. This is a concerted effort by those within the party to win over new voters. Exit polling data from the last presidential election shows that if Mitt Romney had carried just 50% of voters age 19-29 in Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Virginia he would have won the election handily. This while that target age group increased the overall share of the vote from 18% in 2008 to 19% reports The National Journal. When you add this to the other voter categories that are predominantly democratic being the minority and female, you can see why many may see the need to rebrand.

What does this mean to your average common Joe  Republican? In all actuality a lot. For the party to rebrand itself it will without doubt lose some of its base. So the question begs to reason will they gain more than they lose? If they begin to pander for votes my expectation is that they would lose a very sizable chunk of the base to the  Libertarian  party, the party of free choice and free market. While that may sound cool to some the fact is that no  Utopia such as this exists or can exist due to the fact that once they have it created, they will have to govern it which defeats the purpose.

Where can the party pick up votes without  disfranchising too much of the base? Not with Immigration reform. Senator Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) is feeling some significant pressure from the base as we speak. His plan adds too much to the debt and encompasses much of what is viewed by many to be amnesty. Not with entitlement reform.  You cannot begin to think about reforming entitlement spending without serious cuts to Social Security and Medicaid. We all saw how fast protesting at the White House began when the budget proposal was released just for  suggesting a cut to the increase in Social Security for the fiscal year. We are quickly running out of voters. Speaking of voters, how about voter ID? There would be no way to create a voter ID system and gain any minority or democratic voters. Here is Missouri we have seen the backlash of citizens when it was discovered that the State was secretly complying with the Real ID Act of 2005. Reform of almost any social issues would gain younger voters however these are the moral issues that keep many of the party voting Republican. Drug legalization, abortion, gay rights and on down the line. Social issue reform or  embracing the issues by the party would no doubt chase away many that hold the party as the moral authority.

So, whats left? Not much. My answer to the question is simple. Change nothing. Any major change to the Republican Party would turn it into the Whig Party. If the GOP sticks to its guns they may in fact not win the presidency for a while. Does that mean anything? I would argue only on foreign policy issues. As long as the GOP can hold enough congressional seats to prevent the Democrats from having a bulletproof majority it is really simply put a matter of pride. In the meantime here is what I know will happen. The liberal progressive agenda will fiscally destroy the country, perhaps beyond repairing it in the near future. It would be a major uphill climb no doubt but one I think we could make. The liberals would be put back into their holes and shown that right along with every other Socialist regime in history this one would also fail. Oh what a story would it make and in the end the GOP will be able to hold its head high for not having sacrificed its principle for votes.