State of Amnesia

photo credit CBSNes

photo credit CBSNes


Never since the Nixon administration has a presidency been clouded by such a wide array of scandal. The umbrella of sheer dishonesty seeps from every pore of this presidency. There are no answers to be found from any one person that has offered direct testimony in congress to this point. Statements such as “I don’t know” or “I don’t recall the name” have become so frequent they are now part of late night punch lines.

Acting IRS Commissioner Steve Miller testified today before the House Way and Means Committee and flooded the Representatives with statements of “I don’t have the name with me” and “I don’t recall the date”. He blamed this on the fact that he only received two days notice of his testifying. At times, he seemed very aloof and above the level of questions being asked almost as if he felt his time was being wasted. As a citizen and taxpayer, his demeanor insulted me. If the roles were reversed and this would have been a tax audit, would that answer of been acceptable? I would highly doubt it. The entirety of his testimony was completely useless as he was unable to provide anything more than more questions. I cannot think of a single issue that is more plainly explainable today rather than yesterday. The man came to the hearing completely unprepared or unwilling to answer and question with clarity and honesty.

The same may be said of Wednesdays House Judiciary Committee testimony by Attorney Eric Holder. Question after question Holder consistently replied with the statement, “I don’t know”. The hearing was in response to the seizure of phone records and wiretaps in the Associated Press scandal. Rep. Darrell Issa at one point even directly challenging the honesty and integrity of the Attorney General in a fiery exchange. Mr. Holder continually provided the excuse that due to his recusal from the case he did not know the answers to anything related to the issue.

President Obama in every statement since the scandals has provided no details or leadership on the issues. He has cut ties to the issues by stating he had no prior knowledge of either until he saw it in the media. This has become a very tangled web of obvious deceit and deception. How a government can operate in this manner of no one knowing anything is beyond imagination. If this were a private business people would be fired, the stock would drop, and the business would crumble under the weight of the scandal.

I believe the time has come to take back some of the authority from the government that has obviously not been up to the task. We should fire the entirety of the IRS and immediately implement a consumption-based tax on goods. Not the fair tax but a consumption tax that is flat across all incomes. Eric Holder should be immediately fired and Speaker John Boehner should order the House of Representatives to launch a Select Committee to investigate the shortcomings of this administration and determine if the White House has any culpability in any of these scandals.

The bottom line of all of this needs to be answers. The truth is the most valuable measure a government should aspire to. It is however the most rare in government. The tentacles of this administration engulfed in scandal stretch out like an octopus and when you attempt to cut one off, another grows in its place. On a personal note, I hold the President himself responsible. This was to be the most transparent administration in history according the Obama the Campaigner and per my previous article “Transparency in the White House” I provide a link to the White House web site. That opening paragraph promises us the President will provide answers. I digress.


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