Mainstream Media Goes Against Current


If one thing is for certain, the events of the last week or so has the media finally engaged in peeling back the layers of the Obama Administration. What must the media do now and how can they make sure this type of thing doesn’t happen in the future.

First we should back up and look at how we got here. In all honesty the media is in part to blame for the situation. Barrack Obama was never fully vetted by this media. Outside of Fox News, no one in the media came to Obama during the campaign or the first 4 years of his  administration  to get answers to hard questions. The left leaning media sites fell in love with him the moment he turned on the  teleprompter.

Now the media is in a full boil and to quote CNN today “watching this unfold is giving me whiplash”. That is the way it needs to be. The media needs to continue to follow leads,  develop  stories and hammer the government everyday until the truth comes out. Its too bad that the media had to sit back and wait until the AP itself discovered it had been targeted for what appears to be illegal activity by the Department of Justice before they opened their eyes.

This administration has shown itself to us. Corruption has reared its head, looked us in the eye, and dared us to  challenge  it on its face value. The simple truth is this. The mainstream media has trumpeted from the hilltops for the conservatives to stop playing politics and work in a bi-partisan manner. Okay, let them show us how it is done. Will they continue to roast this administration and seek the truth we shall see.

At the end of this rainbow we need to finally see transparency. The White House needs to come clean or the media and congress need to turn up the heat. We have 4 scandals in play not 3. The 4th has been buried a bit the last few days but we have to remember the situation with the Department of Health and Human Services Secretary is on the  hot seat  so to speak as well. Literally more than one forth of the Presidents cabinet is involved in a scandal of one sort or another. We have the IRS, Department of Justice, State Department and HHS. What is needed is all the details. The story is how high up the ladder does this go. Our daily BS sessions with Jay Carney will not  glean  the details we need. The press need to wake up and stay fulled engaged and demand answers on behalf of the public. That is in fact their job.


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