The Chicago Way



The Chicago Way of doing business has become ordinary tactics in DC these days. The onion is being peeled back a layer at a time and the tears are  beginning  to flow. The time has come for congress to take a knife to it and let’s get to the center. President Nixon was impeached in part to facts arising that he improperly used the IRS to go  after his enemies.Today has been another very busy day in the news. The commissioner of the IRS has reportedly late today been called to testify on the Hill this Friday. President Obama appeared with the Prime Minister of England and fielded two questions about the IRS scandal and Benghazi. He then went on what seemed to be a never-ending filibuster about Syria. That was it. Class dismissed. He shrugged off any knowledge of the IRS targeting of conservative groups applying for tax exempt status. He then blew off any suggestion in the media that he did any other than label Benghazi as a terrorist attack from the first moment.

Make no mistake. The President is in fact guilty. He is guilty of one of two options. Either he knew about both of these events and helped to cover it up, or he did not know and is guilty of  dereliction of duty as the commander-in-chief. The events that transpired in Benghazi left 4 Americans dead including the Ambassador and 2 former Navy Seals. The question has repeatedly come up that lack of funding kept the compound from being properly secured. I have no idea how this is possible when we have an active military of roughly 1.5 million and almost 200,000 of those are US Marines. Why is  budgeting  an issue when we already pay the military. If the two seals held off the attack for the time that they did, why are we not putting at a minimum a dozen Marines in each embassy? Problem solved. Even bigger  question  still lingers of who gave the  stand down order not once but twice. We had a plane full of special forces troops in Tripoli ready to go.  Roughly  40 troops on the plane were told to get off the plane and it left without them.

In todays briefing the President said he has “no patience” for the targeting of any group based on its  ideology. There are three main points to the IRS scandal. The first and probably the most important is the president claims he just found out about the targeting issues on Friday when it broke in the media. How is this possible? Tea party groups and conservatives have been filing complaints and screaming about this in the media for over 14 months. In March of 2012 the New York Times ran an editorial justifying the IRS  scrutiny  of Tea Party groups. Even the  commissioner Steven Miller of the IRS came out late today and admitted that he had prior knowledge of these events. The tax-exempt and government entities office informed Miller, then the deputy commissioner for services and enforcement, about the “improperly identified” applications on May 3, 2012. With all of these individuals having knowledge about this how is the President to make the American public believe that his administration didn’t know what was going on? The President is on record today saying that the IRS is an “independent  organization”. The IRS, for the record, has a dot gov website and is in fact part of the Department of Revenue as anyone who has ever paid taxes or gotten a refund would know.

Late today the story is also breaking that the Department of Justice has acquired two months of phone records from the Associated Press. This was done in secret and contained the records of both editors and reports in a manner in which the AP calls “massive and unprecedented intrusion” into how news organizations gather the news. What could they have been looking for. A statement by the DOJ said that it was part of a terrorist investigation. This begs to question if any other news sources were investigated. With this just being the tip of the iceberg on this story more is certain to come in the following days. “You don’t make enemies with someone who buys ink by the barrel” as  eloquently  put  by President Clinton. Until now President Obama has had the luxury of the press being on his side and getting for the most part softball questions. Now that he has made enemies with the media by first not being honest about the Benghazi talking points and now going after one of its own he may find that the questions he and his mouthpiece Jay Carney get will not be simple.

All of this boils down to a couple of simple points. Fact is that there has been terrible acts of both inappropriate behavior by people both in and close to this administration. The first question is how high up the ladder does this go. When it comes to sworn testimony will his cronies be willing to fall on their swords for him or will the truth come out much as it did during Watergate. The second part is will the media that has been greatly asleep for the must part during his Administration and campaigns wake up and go after the truth. The Chicago Way of doing business has indeed come to DC. Obama has made it his business to shut up or go after all of the people who get in this way. This is a  pivotal  week for him and his Administration as both Congress and the media turn up the heat a bit. It is indeed time to take a knife to the onion because America deserves the truth and whether it’s now or later it will come out.



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