Is the GOP the Party of Old?

Recently there has been much discussion in and around the GOP regarding the need for the party to rebrand itself. This is a concerted effort by those within the party to win over new voters. Exit polling data from the last presidential election shows that if Mitt Romney had carried just 50% of voters age 19-29 in Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Virginia he would have won the election handily. This while that target age group increased the overall share of the vote from 18% in 2008 to 19% reports The National Journal. When you add this to the other voter categories that are predominantly democratic being the minority and female, you can see why many may see the need to rebrand.

What does this mean to your average common Joe  Republican? In all actuality a lot. For the party to rebrand itself it will without doubt lose some of its base. So the question begs to reason will they gain more than they lose? If they begin to pander for votes my expectation is that they would lose a very sizable chunk of the base to the  Libertarian  party, the party of free choice and free market. While that may sound cool to some the fact is that no  Utopia such as this exists or can exist due to the fact that once they have it created, they will have to govern it which defeats the purpose.

Where can the party pick up votes without  disfranchising too much of the base? Not with Immigration reform. Senator Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) is feeling some significant pressure from the base as we speak. His plan adds too much to the debt and encompasses much of what is viewed by many to be amnesty. Not with entitlement reform.  You cannot begin to think about reforming entitlement spending without serious cuts to Social Security and Medicaid. We all saw how fast protesting at the White House began when the budget proposal was released just for  suggesting a cut to the increase in Social Security for the fiscal year. We are quickly running out of voters. Speaking of voters, how about voter ID? There would be no way to create a voter ID system and gain any minority or democratic voters. Here is Missouri we have seen the backlash of citizens when it was discovered that the State was secretly complying with the Real ID Act of 2005. Reform of almost any social issues would gain younger voters however these are the moral issues that keep many of the party voting Republican. Drug legalization, abortion, gay rights and on down the line. Social issue reform or  embracing the issues by the party would no doubt chase away many that hold the party as the moral authority.

So, whats left? Not much. My answer to the question is simple. Change nothing. Any major change to the Republican Party would turn it into the Whig Party. If the GOP sticks to its guns they may in fact not win the presidency for a while. Does that mean anything? I would argue only on foreign policy issues. As long as the GOP can hold enough congressional seats to prevent the Democrats from having a bulletproof majority it is really simply put a matter of pride. In the meantime here is what I know will happen. The liberal progressive agenda will fiscally destroy the country, perhaps beyond repairing it in the near future. It would be a major uphill climb no doubt but one I think we could make. The liberals would be put back into their holes and shown that right along with every other Socialist regime in history this one would also fail. Oh what a story would it make and in the end the GOP will be able to hold its head high for not having sacrificed its principle for votes.


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