The #trainwreck Cometh

A recent  Washington  Post Poll shows that 42% of all Americans don’t know that Obamacare is law. The complexities and opposition to this law is documented daily by media outlets, bloggers and politicians. The question that this rises with me is “why is something not being done about it”.

Speaker John Boehner tweets about #trainwreck daily;

Boehner is tweeting about a WSJ  article  citing the effects Obamacare is having on the economy. The House which is  controlled  by republicans have the ability to do multiple things within the scope of the  constitution.  First of all they could just vote for #fullrepeal. Speaker Boehner himself has tweeted with this  hash tag  as well as some other prominent house members. I am of the opinion that while this is still a  long shot to pass with an up or down vote there may never be a better time for this. There are 21 Senate Dem’s that are up for re-election this midterm. Many of them are quoted in other media sources as having misgivings on whether or not health care reform can be fully  implemented  without causing severe damage to the workforce.

Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus, D-Mont.,said he’s “very concerned” that new health insurance marketplaces for consumers and small businesses will not open on time in every state, and that if they do, they might just flop because residents don’t have the information they need to make choices.

Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius is on the record  conceding that insurance rates will rise with the implementation of the new law. She is also on the record in a WSJ report that with the current opposition to the new law in republican  controlled  states a smooth roll out for citizens to begin purchasing insurance from state exchanges is not currently possible. She also quotes failure of states to take on  Medicaid  expansion due to GOP blockage is credited with part of the problem.

Another of the laws  architects Senator Jay Rockefeller (D–WV),  was recently quoted in the Washington Examiner as saying “I believe that the Affordable Care Act is probably the most complex piece of legislation ever passed by the United States Congress,” he said,  “Tax reform obviously has been huge, too, but up to this point it is just beyond comprehension.”

This list of politicians retreating from the legislation has become somewhat of a “Who’s Who” list of Washington Democrats. Now that we have so famously “[passed it so we can see whats in it” I believe now is the time to repeal it. Which leads me back to the point of this article. Now is the time for the GOP leadership to make its move. Force a vote on repeal and get the Dem’s on the record as still being in favor of this law.

The second choice, and one that is not as simple as the first, is for the house appropriations  committee  to defund the law and all of its entities. The House of  Representatives  by the constitution has the  ability to strip all funding for the law. Including the money for Medicare expansion which is in large  part the nuts and bolts of the law. Without Medicare expansion money the law falls on its face due to lack of funding and would force the Dem’s to come back to the negotiating table. The bottom line is congress owes it to the public to get back to work on this before we all get caught up in the famous #train wreck. Stop politicizing the issue and DO SOMETHING!


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